Official Fun Stuff Tip: Tour de Boozy Copenhagen - Beer bar edition!


Lindsay Lebensohn

Looking to quench your thirst with a Friday (or Monday/Tuesday/ Wednesday/Thursday/Saturday/Sunday) beer? That’s good, because…. It’s time for a Lindsay’s Official Fun Stuff Tip- Beer bar edition! Bars in the Tour de Boozy Copenhagen series will be judged on a very scientific hangover grade.

Put that Carlsberg swill down- the craft beer scene in Copenhagen has really taken off in the last couple of years, led by our very own (now) world famous Mikkeller. With bars all over the world, including in San Francisco, South Korea and Singapore, they have expanded into the world of food with Ramen to Bíiru and a taco joint opening soon in Nørrebro. They have about 40 different beers on tap and have a huge variety (no, it’s not 20 different IPAs, but I get your concern), so you are sure to find something that you like.

Beer- now in Technicolor

Mikkeller is a definitely in the high end of beer bars, and the clientele and prices reflect that. My advice, start the night out for a few choice beers there, but then move on to somewhere else. Go to the original Mikkeller on Viktoriagade, or to Mikkeller and Friends on Stefansgade.

Fun Fact! You can ask to taste the beer before you buy it, but it depends on the bartender’s mood if they will comply. I once tasted 5 beers before I found my perfect one, but they have become a bit more stingy since then.

Hangover Grade: Terrible. It is a universal fact that Mikkeller beer give you the worst hangovers, so keep that in mind.

Want great beer but don’t want to go to somewhere quite as pretentious? Ølsnedkeren is your place. This place is found in Nørrebro, they have a lot of great beers on tap and is less hoity toity than Mikkeller. Want to do a beer tasting? You can totally do that here! Get a group of at least 8 people and try 8 of their beers along with the stories of how each one is brewed. At 200kr a head, this is a fair priced excursion.

Hangover Grade: Moderate- The hang-over here, unfortunately is just as bad as Mikkeller, but your wallet won’t be as light, so it balances out.

Ølbaren is a personal favorite of mine. They market themselves as a “Beer lover’s hangout staffed by experts with a wide choice of draft beers & over 100 in bottles.” Service is super top notch and prices friendly, so park yourself at the bar and lend an ear to the bartender. Stella in particular is really cool. All walks of life congregate here at Ølbaren, so expect to see students, business types, philosophers, laborers and musicians all meeting over a mutual love for the nectar of the (norse) gods.

Lost? Just look for the ØL sign

Fun fact! I was once here recently and a impromptu concert broke out with people singing and guitars strumming. This is why you come to Ølbaren- it’s just a super nice place to be.

Hangover Grade: Great! Beers here don’t seem to give you that ‘oh my god, I’m never drinking again’ feeling and your wallet doesn’t have that ‘oh my god, you are never drinking again’ feeling either.

Did we miss out on your favorite beer bar? Let us know in the comments and tell us why it’s your watering hole of choice, be sure to include the hangover grade and we’ll be sure to check it out!